We custom tailor every video to our clients to ensure maximum satisfaction and authenticity. Don't be shy to send an email through the Contact Tab to receive a free quote!




From stunning product shots for your e-commerce site to creative stop motion videos of your products, we are fully equipped to help your business stand out among the rest in this competitive climate.

Working to find solutions for every budget, we can help you find the right option to maximize your return on investment. From a simple stop motion that brings your product thumbnail to life to a complete ad with music and graphics, we can get you there



We are a full-service video production company and take care of all problems from pre to post production. 


In our first phase, we handle designing, scripting, location management, casting, and budgeting to ensure that we create your most authentic image while adapting to the best price.


Our production team includes talented, award-winning filmmakers and can scale up to 12 people if needed. On set, we handle all things from lighting, cameras, sound recording, mixing, and rigging.


We also work on a lighting fast Ryzen 1800x computer that rips through 4K footage like butter. We keep up to date with the best computer hardware to ensure we maintain our excellent turn-around rates and are able to edit, color, and sound design perfectly. 




We all live and die by our music. While it is so essential to who we are, the modern market calls for songs to have equally powerful imagery. 


We have created fantastic music videos for artists across OC to LA! We love working with all genres and have done work from acoustic to hip-hop.


At GoodGaff we place an emphasis on preparation and spend a week in talks with the artist to perfectly sculpt the most appropriate idea. We strive to treat music videos as they should be: art.


You can choose from either a 1 or 2 day production and we handle the rest. We cover all bases from locations to actors so you can rest easy.